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Patient Testimonials

"I tried to book an appointment with a recommended dentist but couldn't get an appointment until January (one month later). I used 1stAvailable and I was able to get an appointment for that day! I've already told my friends how easy it was."
Abigail H – ACT

Patient Testimonials

"I went on to Yellow Pages to find Mark's website, and on his website I was able to book the appointment. It was quick and basic, I just clicked the 'book now' button. I would definitely recommend 1stAvailable and will absolutely use it for other healthcare appointments!"
- Naomi L QLD

Patient Testimonials

"My husband travels a lot and calls me asking to make him an appointment within an hour and by using 1stAvailable I don't have to sit on hold and ring around. I would definitely use 1stAvailable again and I have already downloaded the iPhone app!"
- Tania B QLD

Patient Testimonials

"I broke a tooth biting down on something hard and I was due to fly the next morning. I go onto 1stAvailable and had an appointment 5 minutes from my office. I got my teeth fixed and went on holidays. I will definitely use and recommend it to all my friends and family."
- Terry L NSW

Patient Testimonials

"On Christmas Eve my dentist was on holidays and I desperately needed to see one. I Googled "Dentist" in my area and the first site to appear was I was able to book an appointment for that day! It was such an easier way to find an appointment!"
- Gay D QLD

Practitioner Testimonial

"For me being available for my patients is essential, so having 1stAvailable there as a website that can fill the availability ensures I have no gaps"
- Dr. Alex Abrahams
Founder and Executive Director
Pacific Smiles Group Ltd.

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